Update Congress The Social Enterprise

Last Wednesday, the 24th of September, the congress took place. Please see my initial blog on the subject here.

Over 125 people participated actively and I was asked to chair this inspiring day.

The feedback received from the participants during the day was very positive.  On twitter (#tse2014) you are able to read what has been shared.

The key messages mentioned during the day:

  •  It’s not about IT, although IT is needed
  • To adapt “social” in your orgainisation requires a culture change
  • Yellow (creativity) and blue (structure) are both needed to be successful
  • Boost the adoption by creating a strategy and program
  • After implementation, make sure that the embedding in your organization has been properly secured
  • Set “social rules”
  • Don’t expect that it will be easy
  • Keep on promoting and explaining (fact based) that social will help employees to execute their daily activities
  • Integration of your social tooling with mail and internet is crucial
  • Social and mobile go “hand in hand”
  • It’s important to have sponsors and promotion top down AND bottom up
  • Push open communities as openness and transparency is required for growth
  • The corporate brain (knowledge in your organization) is growing constantly with social interactions on the platform
  • Accept none business related communities too
  • Create a connection between the internal and external world
  • Have a vision of your future social organisation

I would like to thank the team from Heliview, all the presenters, the participants, the sponsors, the team from the Fabrique and the members of the congress committee. We all created an energetic and positive knowledge sharing congress!

We have set a solid basis to organise another congress on this actual and rapid changing subject in 2015 and the years beyond.