A successful program! So proud!!

Click here to read an article regarding this program in Dutch.

For the last 16 months (since April 2022) I have been working as program manager for the Dutch Tax Authorities. I was asked to manage a large and challenging program for the Car Tax Division. The program consists of the replacement of two extensive legacies and their connected applications, as wel as the implementation of new business processes. Working with many different departments – like credit and collect, data, information technology, business, support – and multiple stakeholders on top of hundreds of colleagues was not that easy in the beginning.

We have introduced the following items (not exhausted):

  • Working on one floor, at least two days a week in the office
  • Working in a cooperative style, together with and next to each other
  • Working based on openness and transparency, creating trust
  • New communication style using pictures and drawings
  • Decision making at operational level
  • Effective (Agile and SAFe) structures
  • Full focus on the envisioned project goals

As a result we became a very energetic team! Working as ONE team, the results came automatically!

I am proud that these rather simple but effective measures turned out to be very successful and that our program has been positively recognised throughout this extensive and rather complex organisation. Two articles have been published in our intranet and this one here was published on the internet. Next to that I am asked to share and/or present our success story to multiple other programs and departments.

We all look forward to make this program even more successful!!