60 skydives in one day!

This year on the 14th of June 2023 I will execute an enormous challenge for a very good cause. Both my parents died due to colon cancer. My goal is to raise money for a specific colon cancer research by hopefully making 60 skydives (around my 60th birthday) in one day for the Dutch stomach liver intestine foundation (#MLDS).
Please see all the details at my campaign website: www.60sprongen.nl (please
set your browser to English for a full translation).
As I will pay 100% of the project and skydiving costs, all gifts will directly go to the foundation / research! Would you please support me to create a better world? 🙏
Next to this, sharing this post and/or website will be much appreciated! 🤞
#cancer #colon #MLDS #research

Please see a publication (in Dutch) on LinkedIn here.

Please see a commercial video (in Dutch) here.