60 skydives in one day!

On the 14th of June 2023 I have executed an enormous challenge for a very good cause. Both my parents died due to colon cancer. My goal was to raise money for a specific colon cancer research by making 60 (I made 61!!) skydives (around my 60th birthday on the 21st of June) in one day for the Dutch stomach liver intestine foundation (#MLDS).

Sponsored so far (14 October 2023) : 73.692,00 euro!! I am deeply thankful to all 912 contributors!!!

Please see all the details at my campaign website: www.60sprongen.nl (please
set your browser to English for a full translation).
As I have paid 100% of the project and skydiving costs (around 9.000 euro), all gifts will directly go to the foundation and research! Would you please support me to create a better world? πŸ™
Next to this, sharing this post and/or website will be much appreciated! 🀞

The 4 key elements below have ensured that the 61 skydives in one day (in 10,5 hours) happened:

  • Intensive training schedule (4 days a week with my fitness coach Daan ten Heuvel in the gym)
  • Great team of around 15 people to prepare and execute the event
  • Full focus on my job (focus on my exit, opening, canopy ride, landing and changing gear)
  • Positive mindset πŸ˜€πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€

I am proud that the event has been published in many local and national newspapers! Next to that I have been able to tell my personal story at several National TV and Radio Stations up to CNN World News! Please see a selection below. (not limited)

3 October 2023 Max Magazine (in Dutch): Internet link (short story) and the full document in PDF.

17 June 2023 Even CNN World News picked it up!!! See here

15 June 2023 (evening) Talkshow Op1 (over 900.000 views): See here (my live item in the studio is at the start of the show)

15 June 2023 Radio2 Morning show: Listen here

14 June 2023 RTL4 National News prime time: See here

14 June 2023 Regio90 TV and online (2nd video of my Daughter Charlotte, so lovely!): See here

14 June 2023 AD (Algemeen Dagblad) online news, including a nice video and interview: See here

14 June 2023 Radio538 Frank Dane (2nd time) between jump 46 and jump 47: Listen and watch here

14 June 2023 Radio538 Frank Dane (2nd time) between jump 46 and jump 47 (only sound): Listen here

14 juni 2023 Video Hart van Nederland (broadcasted during the whole day): See here

14 June 2023 Video Omroep Gelderland: See here

7 June 2023 FHM.NL (online magazine): See here

23 May 2023 RTV Utrecht (news): See here (start from 8.57)

21 May 2023 Radio2 (news): Listen here

21 May 2023 RTV Utrecht article and video: Online see here

21 May 2023 RTV Utrecht made a very beautiful and personal video on YouTube: See here

16 May 2023 NPO KX (Online Radio): Listen here

15 May 2023 Radio538 (Frank Dane): Listen here

13 May 2023 Online and Offline AD Nieuwspaper: Online see here

11 May 2023 Radio 5 (Max Radio): Listen here

10 May 2023 Radio 10: Listen here

9 May 2023 National TV Station SBS6 Hart van Nederland. That evening my item of 2,5 minutes was broadcasted twice.

Please see the Hart van Nederland Broadcast here

6 May 2023 Several online local newspapers published an article including photo’s and a video about my two test skydives for my record. I have made these skydives to learn more about my exit of the Robinson R44 helicopter and the time it took to fly to 3000ft.

Please see one example of these local newspapers here

Please see a LinkedIn publication (in Dutch) here.

Please see a promotion video on YouTube from IPMA (in Dutch) here.

14 June 2023 a selection of many pictures

Many of the pictures above have been made by Hans van der Lande, Haarlem

On the 5th of May 2023 I have made two test skydives to learn more abou the exit of this Helicopter and the time it will take me to get to my exit altitude of 3000ft (915 meters)

Please see my short video on YouTube from two (test) skydives I made on the 5th of May 2023 out of the Robinson R44 helicopter here.

I will use this Robinson R44 helicopter for my skydives to be able to make all the 60 skydives on the 14th of June 2023 between 8 AM to 8 PM. 4 blocks of +/- two hours for 15 skydives and three brakes of 30 minutes in between.

A selection of the pictures I have made with my Insta360 of my two test skydives (5 May 2023)

A selection of the printed news papers

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