Skydives over the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

In February 2019 I felt very lucky to skydive over the great Pyramids of Giza Egypt. I was part of an international group of experienced skydivers. We all made three skydives over the pyramids and in one of the skydives we literally made a pyramid shape formation in the sky! This was done for the first time in history.

The hospitality of the Egyptian staff was overwhelming and also the organisation was executed like a military operation. To jump out of a Hercules Military airplane itself is already mind-blowing. To freefall with a speed of 200 kilometres per hour towards these ancient wonders of the world made it even more special.

After we made these very special formations I opened my brand new parachute. I specifically bought this new canopy with my own company logo for this event. No words can describe my feeling to fly over and next to these impressive structures.

Please see a short video of these skydives here and below you will also find some astonishing pictures.