Hang gliding

In the summer of 2006 I had my first training course to learn hang gliding. During a skydive team training weekend in 2005 one of my (skydive) friends asked me and some other skydive friends if we would like to learn this sport “in our great skies” too. I started in Cond (Germany) with 4 skydiving friends and since 2014 Bob and I are still enjoying this beautiful sport.

At the bottom of this page you will see a map with most of the locations (amongst others: Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland) where I have made great flights. For me this sport is such a privilege to explore. Flying (all by myself) above impressive mountains, lakes, oceans and beaches with incredible beautiful views is every time a miracle for me. In September 2018 I learned in Bösingen, Germany, to be towed by a plane (a so called Dragonfly). The Dragonfly brought me up to around 700 meter in the blue skies.

In spring 2017 I also started to fly with a so called Mosquito NRG powered hang glider. Please see this specific page with more information about me flying my Mosquito. From this moment in time I am able to fly over the Netherlands. To learn hang gliding is much easier than you would expect. You also don’t need to be a daredevil at all! Just a positive mindset and some perseverance is enough. Please click here for more information about the schools in the Netherlands. After the training costs it’s a very inexpensive sport to further explore. You can ealy find a second hand glider for 1500 euro and the mountains / coastlines are free to fly from!

Since November 2019 I am the Chairman of the Dutch Hang Gliding Association as one of the airsport divisions of the Royal Dutch Airsports Organisation. Please see my introduction in Dutch here.

My key focus is make sure that our schools in the Netherlands acquire more enthusiastic students and pilots. A large marketing campain including Tandem Flights with influencers and celebrities to create lot’s of positive on- and off-line content.

Would you also like to learn this beautiful sport in the Netherlands too? Hang gliding is safe, easy to learn and will give you total freedom! Please check out: www.leernudeltavliegen.nl (in Dutch)

By showing these pictures and movies I am sure you will understand why I love to be in our beautiful skies!

Below you will see a map where I have been hang gliding. If you click on an icon, you will find more information regarding a specific location.

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Hang gliding

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Chindrieux, Mt Sapenay: 45.821754, 5.851374
Thorame first high mountain flight 17 August 2008: 44.080341, 6.496739
Cond, Germany first year to learn Hang gliding (2006): 50.151349, 7.173826
Greifenburg, first flights above 2,5 km and distance flights (2012): 46.750697, 13.180937
Dent du Chat: 45.687955, 5.848160
Revard telefirique and sire to Gruffy (16km): 45.666493, 5.977840
Mt. Semnos / Gruffy: 45.786679, 6.096725
From l\'Epine to Chevelu (12 km): 45.590978, 5.804214
From Col du Pelouse to Chamoux: 45.419299, 6.172428
Chamoux: 45.532512, 6.216001
Pogusch: 47.542997, 15.311972
Nieuwvliet, Winch launching as we have no mountains in the Netherlands.: 51.371910, 3.473343
From the Grand Colombier to Artemare: 45.906389, 5.761389
Tandem hang gliding in the 1980s: 61.301902, 8.723145
St Hilaire, great cliff start: 45.308568, 5.878200
Annecy: 45.813008, 6.234055
Malden, the Netherlands. Hang gliding above beautiful snow: 51.785683, 5.881119
Grindelwald, Switzerland, Winter Wonderland!!: 46.621089, 8.026457
Hang gliding Rio de Janairo: -23.007068, -43.280640
Hang gliding Wijk bij Duurstede: 51.986572, 5.352745
Tolmin, Slovenia: 46.187674, 13.718834
Bösingen, Towing behind a Dragonfly: 48.227875, 8.535175
Hang gliding Ager, Spain: 42.043174, 0.769730
Hang gliding / Soaring Wijk aan Zee: 52.501594, 4.588165
Hang gliding / soaring Zandvoort: 52.367215, 4.518814
Stadskanaal, towing behind a Dragonfly: 52.995674, 7.023010
Hang gliding / Soaring Maasvlakte 2: 51.946381, 3.970871
Hang gliding Fiesch, Switzerland: 46.412000, 8.101960
Hang Gliding Lake Garda: 45.634687, 10.550566
Hang gliding / soaring Langevelderslag: 52.294600, 4.486930
Hang gliding Soaren Ouddorp: 51.807766, 3.858261
Hang gliding flights Havelte: 52.759931, 6.237316
Hang gliding Laveno / Lago Maggiore Italy: 45.898431, 8.635597
La Tournette: 45.825450, 6.287613
Hang gliding over the Pointe North, the Teeth Lac Annecy. Best flights ever!!: 45.865658, 6.241651
Over the Aletsch Glacier! The most beautiful flight ever!: 46.419399, 8.064651
Flight from Bellalp to Bitsch: 46.334040, 8.016629
Landing in Fieschertal: 46.421825, 8.141685