Yes!! We DID it!!

On the 21st of August 2017 Arne Tanzer flew from the Johanna and landed perfectly at the landing area. His flight was much longer than we expected 43 instead of the envisioned 20 seconds. This has mainly to do with the perfect and long launching platform we build. Due to this, Arne was able to make enough speed that he flew nearly straight from the top of the building. See here my previous blog about the organisation of this epic hang gliding stunt.


The attention to this event from the Dutch national and regional press was overwhelming. Media companies like RTL, NOS, SBS6, Qmusic, Funx radio, AD, RTV Utrecht and more were already at 6.30 hours present to make nice movies and (live) radio from the start at 7.00 hours sharp. The weather looked perfect and Arne was relaxed and confident to fly from the building. He had a perfect start and his flight to the designated landing area and the landing itself was too good to be true.

The whole day the stunt was broadcasted by many news channels and radio stations. The next day we could see that over three million people watched and/or listened to our stunt. Even at the KNVvL (Dutch aviation organisation) it has been mentioned as the best broadcasted airsport event.

Please see below a few movies and articles (click on the links) and pictures of the stunt. On the internet you will be able to find much more.

We as the organisation looked back at a great moment and we proved that with a great team and dito project you can achieve something very special.

  1. The official movie of the stunt.
  2. RTL News item on YouTube
  3. Live movie on facebook bij RTL news.
  4. Article from the KNVvL
  5. Article from the Digital University Magazine (DUB)