Mosquito hang gliding

“Sometimes the day smiles shows me its colour. No, then the blue harbour doesn’t look to be far, I feel like I got the wings to fly”. Shofi Ahmed

A few months before my lovely mother passed away we both had a very nice conversation about what I liked to buy from my part of the inheritage. Of course my mother knew that I love to fly with my hang glider and to skydive. She understood my desire to fly with my hang glider (started in 2006), but she thought that my skydiving (started in 1981) was way to dangerous. I showed and explained her the possibility to fly with a hang glider and small engine without the need to take off from a mountain. This so called Mosquito powered hang glider is relatively easy to fly. Actually it’s the most basic way to fly above our beautiful planet as I use:

  1. My feet for my take off and landing
  2. My hands to steer the glider
  3. My teeth to control the throttle during the start

My mom was very happy that after her final day she would contribute to one of my biggest passions. We both cried from sadness about the time to come and this great idea we shared.

Early 2016 I bought my Mosquito and harness in Sweden and a new (little bigger for the extra weight of the engine) Relax hang glider in Italy. It took more than a year to make my first flight on the 26th of March 2017. With two skydive friends we figured out how this all should work together and how to fly. Please see a video of my first smiling flights here!

If you would like to learn this great sport too, please check out this link:

Since that moment I sometimes fly with my own wings above beautiful parts of the Netherlands. I made a dream come true!!

On the 8th of May 2020 (my Mom’s birthday) I flew 1,5 hours all around Loosdrecht and the lovely lakes. I have lived in this village until I was 18 years old. What a beautiful emotional memory lane flight! See a video from this beautiful and remarkable flight here.

Below you will see a map where I flew with my Mosquito hang glider. If you click on an icon, you will find more information regarding a specific location.

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Mosquito powered hang gliding

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Mosquito hang gliding flight to Amerongen: 51.995477, 5.458510
Mosquito hang gliding flight, Locks Amerongen: 51.974333, 5.408235
Mosquito hang gliding flight, Dutch Tulips fields: 52.714927, 5.850434
Mosquito Hang gliding flight, Wijk bij Duurstede: 51.964577, 5.342102
Mosquito Hang gliding flight, Beautiful Dutch Tulip fields: 52.764034, 5.645771
Mosquito Hang gliding, Oude Rijn Highway A2 / A12: 52.066000, 5.069504
Mosquito Hang gliding, Bridge Zaltbommel: 51.818803, 5.262451
Mosquito hang gliding, Buren: 51.910389, 5.334058
Mosquito hang gliding, Windmills: 52.017008, 5.150528
Mosquito hang gliding, Castle Heemstede: 52.017853, 5.136108
Mosquito hang gliding, Castle Wijk bij Duurstede: 51.969019, 5.343647
Mosquito flight around the Flevopolder: 52.300501, 5.308456
Mosquito flight around the Flevopolder: 52.157927, 5.474625
Mosquito Hang Gliding Renswoude: 52.071013, 5.544319
Mosquito Hang gliding Efteling: 51.689585, 5.132675
Mosquito Hang Gliding Heusden: 51.732132, 5.142975
Castle de Haar, Haarzuilens: 52.121116, 4.998104
Fort Vechten, Bunnik: 52.058824, 5.168381
Mosquito Anholt Castle Germany: 51.847100, 6.427880
Mosquito Flight to Culemborg: 51.957400, 5.225300
Mosquito flight Maarsseveense Plas: 52.140231, 5.093536
Mosquito flight Loosdrecht: 52.199190, 5.053711
Mosquito flight over Estate Broekhuizen: 52.007869, 5.399866
Mosquito over the Utrecht RIVM Building: 52.083198, 5.164776
Mosquito, bridge Nijkerk: 52.260593, 5.472565
Mosquito flight over Castle Beverweerd: 52.031796, 5.249834
Mosquito flight over Castle Rhijnestein: 52.010827, 5.284166
Mosquito flight over Castle Sandenburg: 52.007010, 5.342381
Mosquito flight over Castle Sterkenburg: 52.023504, 5.283887
Mosquito flight over the Lek / Amsterdam Rheine Channel crossing: 51.961404, 5.340042
Mosquito flight over the FC Utrecht Soccer Stadium: 52.078451, 5.145807
Mosquito flight over the Flevopolder: 52.275930, 5.400467
Mosquito hang gliding flight over Rhenen: 51.956961, 5.564575
Mosquito hang gliding flight over Spakenburg: 52.250200, 5.376850
Mosquito hang gliding flight over the University of Utrecht: 52.082315, 5.173724
Mosquito hang gliding flight over the Efteling: 51.649342, 5.050364
TOP Mosquito vlucht strand Parnassia Bloemendaal: 52.415194, 4.550400
Mosquito flight over Zandvoort F1 circuit: 52.387754, 4.543190
Slot Loevestein: 51.816362, 5.022125
Mosquito flight over a soccer pitch: 51.754479, 5.136666
Old Fort by Giessen for the so called Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (1878 - 1881): 51.785790, 5.026932
Woudrichem old town (founded around the year 1000): 51.815089, 5.001183
Mosquito Bridge A27 - Bergsche Maas: 51.718096, 4.891663
Mosquito Amercentrale: 51.709161, 4.851837
Mosquito Bourtange: 53.007863, 7.193127
Mosquito flight over Naarden: 52.295800, 5.163360
Mosquito flight with Frank Moorman: 52.312677, 5.191040
Mosquito hanggliding Brielle a Fortress City: 51.902689, 4.164848
Mosquito Hanggliding Haringvlietsluizen: 51.842566, 4.063568
Mosquito Hanggliding Simonshaven: 51.823047, 4.291449
Mosquito flight over Yellow Koolzaad (Rapeseed) field next to Erichem: 51.903247, 5.352230
Mosquito flight over Zaltbommel: 51.803560, 5.249405