Social business Works!



Update 14 Januari 2021 (one week after this original post):

34.783 views on LinkedIn and over 800 personal reactions. Never expected this to happen!


Just a week ago I started my own company! My post on this news on LinkedIn has been viewed by over 23000 people in just 5 days (and still counting). From these views, almost 600 people shared a personal and positive reaction. I also received many private messages and I have several coffee drink invites to discuss concrete business opportunities.

Frankly speaking I am positively surprised about the numbers above as I am not a global influencer (or Max Verstappen :-)). The algorithms used by LinkedIn have certainly helped to push these numbers!!

Already in 2010 the advantage of social business became clear to me, while rolling out a global program of a Social Business platform (IBM Connections) called LinkedPeople. This program was successfully implemented in 32 countries of a car leasing company, resulting in a dramatic increase in the interactions between colleagues across the 37 group companies. In those days it was a success story and I have been asked to present this LinkedPeople story at multiple international congresses worldwide: among others in Brisbane, Boston, London, Amsterdam, Orlando, Dubrovnik and Delhi. At that time I was also  interviewed by Menno Lanting, the writer of the Management Book of the year in the Netherlands, for a chapter in his book “Everybody CEO”.

Should you be interested, here is a promotion video of the above program:

Other presence on the internet:

Apart from being active on LinkedIn, I started my personal (work and private) website in 2012, where I share stories about my work and my passions in the sky. Over the years it has been involved into a personal global diary. Often I receive enthusiastic remarks from friends, acquaintances and/or old colleagues from all over the world about a specific story on my Worldmap see:

On Facebook I like to interact with my skydiving and hang-gliding friends around the globe. Also this creates a nice diary with stories.

In addition to the above I also have a ‘hobby’ channel on YouTube where I share videos. Meanly about Skydiving and Hang Gliding. This small channel has been watched over 100.000 times.

Finally, I use Twitter, mainly  to  check global trending topics or to quickly interact with very active social business companies like KLM.

In summary:

I make sure that your different social business activities, as mentioned above, are linked to each other. Using it in a such a way, I feel that social business really work for me. I believe it has inevitable become a basic feature to grow your business and to interact with people all around the globe. I believe it should be in the first layer of the Maslow Pyramid for businesses :-). In pre social business times it would have impossible for me to reach out to over 23000 (update 14 Jan. 34.500) people interested in my story about Global Program Management in just 5 days!