Hanggliding above a wonderful world

28 December 2014 (a link to my video, included below)

Last weekend I have had one of my most beautiful hang gliding days in the Dutch Skies. 

Randonearo (please click on the name for their website) organised a “Winter hang gliding day”. We all (7 pilots in total) were very lucky that just one day before, in this part of the Netherlands, it snowed a lot. The world changed overnight in a white and wonderful picture.

Everyone was very excited to see this beautiful picture from above. The organisers installed the winch (a wheel with about 800 meters of rope to pull us safely in the air) on one side of the small airport and we all unpacked our gliders on the other side. It was incredible beautiful to see our “planes” in the superb white environment! My expectations were very high to see this great scenery from above too…..

One hour later we all were ready to go. Someone walked with the rope from the winch to our side of the airport (about 800 meters) and not much later the first hang glider was pulled in the Dutch skies. I was pilot number three and I was very excited to take off and watch the snow from above. What a view!!! I wish you all could feel what I felt during these flights!

I was happy that my landings were also good. Good to know that I am able to land in snow conditions too now. In about two months I will be in Switzerland for a ski holiday and I am 100% positive to bring my glider with me. Maybe I will have the chance to fly from a mountain full with snow and to fly in the same beautiful Winter conditions like today.

I BIG thank you to Heleen and Aernout from Randonaero who made this all possible for us!

Please click here for a 5 minutes long video compilation of my three great flights.