Lecture at the University of Utrecht

I was asked to give lecture as part of the program Project Management at the University of Utrecht. In this minor students learn about all aspects of project management. My focus was on actual experiences with the international aspects of Project Management.

Early January 2015 the lecture took place. Apart from expert knowledge, I used stories with practical examples, based on 15 years of projects/implementations in 32 countries around the globe.

Next to technical aspects of project management (how does the organisational structure of such projects ideally look like), we touched upon items that are less tangible: the effect of cultural differences on a project and how to deal with that, how to succeed while moving carefully within the never ending tension between local autonomy and a central organisation who has its own reasons to implement a project worldwide.

It was a very good experience, I enjoyed the possibility to pass on experiences to this audience. Thank you for your open minds and sometimes critical questions!

If you have any questions about International/Global Project Management please contact me via this link.