The Social Enterprise

Next week September 24th Heliview will to organize the Social Enterprise Congress. The congress will take place in DeFabrique, Utrecht.

“The Social Enterprise” will answer the question how organisations are able to improve their internal and external interactions, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Social business is inevitable to reach these goals. Please click here  for the congress website. (in Dutch)

I have been asked to join the program committee and to be the chairman of this interesting congress. Today I have made an energetic opening movie and currently I am working on my introduction of the speakers, opening and closing speach etc.

As I have been responsible of an international project to implement internal social media for 38 companies in 30 countries, I am familiar with the information shared during this day. My project, named LinkedPeople, has been recognised as a global best practice in the social business arena. For more information about LinkedPeople click here.

At several congresses (among others in Orlando, Boston (IBM), Brisbane (IPMA), London (Gartner) and Dubrovnik) I shared multiple lessons learned, like:

– It’s not Facebook but working towards “a Corporate Brain”

– It’s a HR change program

– Adoption is key and not the technical aspect

– Develop adoption scenarios

– How LinkedPeople is able to help you in your daily activities

(International) companies struggle how to store and distribute knowledge through their organisation. Re-inventing wheels with the double costs involved is a well known issue. Next to this, the generation Y is entering organisations. Baby boomers are leaving companies rapidly. How will (young) staff find knowledge spread throughout the company? Who do they need to contact someone for a specific question etc.

Social Business is able to answers these questions

Currently many companies make up their mind how to face this “challenging” subject. “Knowledge is power”, “who checks correctness of the information published” “is this required?”, “people need to work instead of checking social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn” are just a few well known remarks.

Next to the above I have seen that a behavioral change in trust and transparency is inevitable.

I look forward to be part of an inspiring day!