Global Project Management Training in three different continents

In February 2016 I have trained project management teams in Brasil, New Zealand and India. I use the IPMA (International Project Management Association) International Competence Baseline as a baseline. To give (in just one week) a training in three different continents is both a challenge and a gift. The interactions with people from very different cultures and backgrounds make it worthwhile. Specifically differences in management styles and the consequences thereof always strike me. In Brasil you see a quite directive style and in India a more consultation style.
Over the last years I also recognize that the project management focus changes from the Practice competences towards the Perspective and People competences. In my opinion this is due to the high level of automation in the Practice (technical) competences. The Perspective and People competences can hardly be automated. It’s: a. the consciousness of the Project Manager towards the environment of the project and b: the charismatic leadership style (people skills) that creates a strong basis for a successful project or program. The project manager and his team make the difference! If you would like to know more about these competences please check the IPMA ICB4 here.
Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to also visit the LeasePlan management teams in Australia and Abu Dhabi to discuss my global programs and projects. A catch-up with local higher management and the local project teams is always very helpful for me and my global projects (stakeholder management). It also supports follow-up interactions like web-ex, conference calls and emails.
After two weeks of traveling, 72 hours in planes, working 6 days a week and very long hours I was happy to be back home.
I love my my challenging international role!