MH17 / KL4103 why tell me why…….

18 July 2014 7.00 hours. At the moment I cannot stop thinking about all the people who died yesterday afternoon, in the MH17 / KL4103 plane from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur travelling to a beautiful holiday destination, work, home and more. The energy in the plane must be full with joy and with several smiling happy and exited families. I have been traveling several times to the Far East and further with my own children from 0 to 5. I see them playing with toys on the ground of the plane, smiling to other passengers, walking around, sleeping in a baby cottage, sharing nice stories and the smiling attention from the crew and people around. These positive moments made not only me and my kids smile.

I feel and see “these movies” in my mind and I know that this also took place yesterday in the horrible skies above the Ukraine. What a disaster that these smiling energies have been destroyed in just a split second….. why tell me why?

The beautiful sky is “my home”. This is my passion and the place I want to be as much as possible. Skydiving since 1981, with over 2100 skydives. Hang gliding since 2006, with over 200 flights. International traveling since I was 16 and working for over 15 years in an international role, with over 1100 commercial flights. I always request a window seat to have the possibility to look outside to still feel and experience my passion for being in the air. Of course I do know the dark side of my passions and have unfortunately experiences very close by and this has nothing to do with flying a commercial airliner.

We all know “how fragile we are”.  This morning I heard this song during the special Evers Staat Op on Radio 538 this morning. The show was a contribution to the disaster of the plane crash and gave me this morning in my car several times heartbreaking goose bumps. Please pay this solidarity and positive united energy forward to make the world a better place!

Let’s make sure that the respective authorities will focus to get the true story of this horrible plane crash in the hope that this will never happen again!!

I would like to express my sincere condolences to all of the families and friends who lost their lives in this immense tragedy.

“Love is/should be on the ground and also in the air”!

Update 25 July 2014:

From Wednesday the 23rd of July to at least Saturday the 26th of July several planes will bring the victims back to the Netherlands. 195 out of the 298 casualties in total have a Dutch nationality. Relatively looking (number of US people in relation to the Dutch) this tragedy caused more casualties than 9-11. The pictures below show the immense impact for our nation. Thousands of people were alongside the highways in respect of our people.

The evidence that the plane has been shutdown is growing each day and this creates a lot of frustration and anger.

Update 29 July 2014:

Today I had a business trip and of course I had a close look to the impressive “flower memorial” for the victims of the MH17 flight. Please see the pictures below.

Please let this NEVER happen again!

MH17 1 MH17 2 MH17 3 MH17 4 MH17 5 MH17 6 MH17 7 MH17 8rouw7 rouw5 rouw2 rouw1

Schiphol 5 Schiphol 4 Schiphol 3 Schiphol 2 Schiphol 1