Skydiving over Kooddoo Maldives!

In February 2020 I have been to one of the most epic skydive boogies ever, to skydive over Kooddoo in the Maldives. The following “ingredients” were quite extraordinary:

  • To fly-in a Skydive plane from Germany (This took 4 days and the last day only over water)
  • Three groups of over 100 skydivers (every week another group)
  • For the first time skydives were made over Kooddoo and the Maldives
  •  A complete island, including an airport was made available for us
  • One of the most luxurious resorts I have ever been, click here
  • All inclusive
  • Staff and food were both overwhelming
  • Boat ride to another atoll
  • To meet (again) many skydive friends from all over the world

This all was organised by boogie organiser Rich Grimm from Tsunami Skydivers. After his previous skydive events in Palau, Costa Rica and Belize I knew in advance that this will be another epic experience.

To skydive over the ocean and to land on a beautiful small Island (like here over Caye Chapel, Belize) is as you can imagine indescribable. I cannot wait to join another event like this with friends from all over the word, to skydive, party, scuba dive and more!

Please see a video here and several (skydive) pictures from Kooddoo in the Maldives below. On this map you are able to see all (a lot of them are tropical :-)) locations I have skydived. Please select the “skydiving tap” at the top of this page.