Google Glass

Saturday, May 24th I had the chance to try the Google glass!

It was very nice to have control through “the glass” just giving some short commands verbally or with a simple fingertip. The Google Glass reacts rapidly and is very easy to use. To take a picture, to Google, see a movie, put on the lights at home etc. : everything  was just “a voice command away”.

The sound from the glass via the bones above your ear is also a very nice feature as the people around you are not disturbed and for me it was crystal clear.

I am sure that the Google Glass will be upgraded dramatically in the coming time as many companies are working hard to add nice features.

In my opinion, the Google Glass needs some additional functionalities with respect to improving the user experience.  An example: I see much better with my left eye , but the glass is in front of your right eye, which made it not that easy to see all that is happening “in the glass” for me.  Next to this we know Google is working with Ray-Ban and Oakley to improve the design as well.

The well-known privacy issues will be an enormous hurdle to take, let’s see what will happen…..

I cannot wait to see the Google contact lenses  🙂


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