In my current role as Senior Global Project Manager, I work in a structured and pragmatic way with Prince2 as a reference and not the complete methodology. As a registered IPMA Level B Senior Project Manager I am responsible for global projects in Australia, New Zealand, Arabic Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, India, USA and most of the European countries. In my projects I use the Agile way of working and for IT developments Scrum. I also use the Prince2 methodology in a pragmatic way. This means that I use the most important / critical items like a writing a PID, Risk management, Stakeholder management etc. I call this “Prince2 cherry picking”.
Colleagues call me often a rainmaker as I love to make strong connections at all levels in organisations. I also connect and motivate people throughout the entire company to create committed and passionate (global) project teams. Several projects and programs I have been responsible for, have been recognized as standard for the industry. I feel privileged that I have been asked by multinationals like IBM and respected research companies like Gartner to present about my projects all over the world (please see also some examples below).
Recently I have been responsible to implement global web 2.0 social business collaboration and knowledge sharing project called LinkedPeople, for 38 companies in 32 countries. Next to that we had to develop and implement mobile apps and portals around the globe. At the moment I manage an international program (20 global projects in 32 countries) to synchronize our internal processes for our international clients. We have to consolidate information for international companies who use shared service centers. With this program we support this major global trend.
Project examples in the past: (see for a world map of all the countries involved here)
  • Implementation reporting systems in Brasil, Slovakia, Poland and Ireland which delivered important insights for over 40.000 clients.
  • Define, Develop and (Global) Roll-out of a CRM package.
  • Car Database Application in 32 countries.
  • Define, Develop and Roll-Out Project for a world wide Fleet Managers application (FleetReporting) with over 200.000 world wide users. For the European countries this application runs in a data center in Dublin and implementations in 32 countries.
  • Culture change and engagement projects.
  • Global Information Security Program based on the Octave methodology.
  • Web 2.0 and social business strategy.
  • Define, Develop and Global roll-out of a Social Media/Business package called LinkedPeople
  • Define, Develop and Global roll-out of Mobile apps
  • Harmonisation Program (SONG, Synchronising Our Needs Globally) for our international business (20 global projects in 32 countries) which increased our international business.
  • International insurance reporting project (FIRE, Fleet Insurance REporting) to harmonise and consolidate Insurance reporting in 28 countries.

Other roles:

1.) Key note speaker & chairman:

Next to my Global Project/Program Management role I present (keynote speaker) regarding (project)management and social business topics at international congresses. Amongst others I have presented in Amsterdam, Athens, Brisbane (IPMA World Congress), Brussels, Boston (Keynote speaker Enterprise 2.0), Delhi, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, London (i.a. Get social and Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration Summit) , Orlando, Utrecht and Rotterdam. Besides presenting I have been the chairman during several Apps in Business, Social Business, IT and Project Management congresses.

2.) For the International Project Management Association (IPMA) I have three roles:

a.) Member of the Dutch Examination Board (from 2004 to 2015)

b.) Assessor IPMA level C and IPMA level B

c.) International IPMA Project Excellence Assessor

Based on the IPMA International Project Excellence framework I execute assessments on (international) projects and programs in various countries around the globe. Please see my blog about an assessment in Nanjing China (July 2015) here. I was pleased that this project won the Golden award at the IPMA World Congress in Panama (Sept. 2015). Please see my blog about this prestigious congress (the Olympics of Project Management) here.


Financials, HRM, SCM, ERP, CRM, IT, Agile, Scrum, Prince2, IPMA ICB4, IPMA PE PEB Model, Global Multicultural Projects. Web 2.0, Information Security, Social Business Software, Cultural change, NLP, Coaching, Keynote speaker, Assessor, Program Auditor, Congress Chairman.

Other roles


Chairman Wim de Gier on apps in business congress
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